A brief English résumé

My expertise is about the morphogenesis of cities and the dynamic analysis of territories. Territories are characterized by a long-term stability that can influence the scope of an investment or the effectiveness of a planning process. Knowing this opens the door to planning scenarios, which can contribute in reducing the uncertainty characterizing the decision taking process.

I am available for different kinds of projects: socio-economic portraits, historical studies, site analyses, store location, market studies, rail projects, morphogenesis, assistant, etc.

academic achievements

- Ph.D. in urban studies : Morphogenesis of Québec City ( Université de Montréal )
- Master of Geography : Geopolitics of Québec’s first railways ( Université Laval )
- Master in Urban Design ( Université de Montréal )
- Bachelor of Geography ( Université Laval )
- Certificat of Economics ( Université Laval )

professional achievements

- market study for a new industrial building (Brooklyn, New York)
- conceptualization of a museum that expands to a community
- reformulation of a project (train) for Canada's 150th anniversary
- conception of a new magazine
- feasibility study for an overnight train between Montréal and New York
- socio-economic portraits of communities
- social housing study
- etc.


Four books In French. Many articles on different subjects (see "Géographie").

(2015) «Rail Transport and the St. Lawrence Seaway: A common Destiny. The Case for the Québec Abitibi & Côte Nord Central» in Railpace Newsmagazine, May, volume 34, number 5, pp. 28-31/47.